Hey Theresa just wanted to let you know I graduated yesterday with my BSN. Hope you are still teaching and educating future nurses.


RN/BSN 2024, Graduate

The best place to study and work. We have classes here that you can take for being a Certified Nursing Assistant, and the instructor is the best one, he teaches to everyone as best as possible. He makes videos on YouTube for all the students and sometimes he brings food or coffee. A great person, always smiling and friendly. Come to take the classes guys! I promise y’all won’t regret it.

Paola A.

5-star, Google Review

I am in the CliniTrack CNA program and our instructor, Rusty is awesome. He has a lot of knowledge and explains everything very well. The facility is well-kept, clean, and organized.

Wendy G.

5-star, Google Review

I am currently studying to become a CNA at this facility (Los Altos). Rusty, who is the instructor, is super nice and funny. All my classmates are also super nice and friendly. I have not missed a day since the class started. I noticed the workers are also friendly including the parking attendant, Jay.

Frank D.

5-star, Google Review

I am very grateful for taking this class. It is well organized and so efficient because of the teacher. I don’t know how I can show appreciation to Mr. Rusy who gave me a lot of courage and motivation to go into the nursing world. Thanks a lot to Mr. Rusty Ranadal.

Sunny J.

5-star, Google Review

Great experience at Los Altos, nice people and of course, the best training teacher (Rusty). Everybody is welcome to come here and take the rest, good opportunities and good place to work.

Judith P.

5-star, Google Review